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About us


Millennium Bridge symbolizes the entry to a new era. Opened on June 10, 2000, it stands for the symbol of the new millennium, linking Bankside with City, St Paul’s Cathedral with Tate Modern Gallery. This is a unique combination of the city’s history and modernity, tradition and the world of finance, the past and the future. Such is also Millennium Bridge Investment. We combine entrepreneurs who want to step on a new path of investment and who are able to see a huge potential in family- owned businesses. The experience of our experts is not based on certificates but on contracts with a total value of EURO 45 million. We help the companies to undergo a sales process, advising the best solutions at every stage. We put emphasis on work in an atmosphere of confidentiality, full support and professionalism. We invite to cooperation!


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest

- Benjamin Franklin -


Millennium Bridge Investment is a corporation whose services are based on extensive experience in selling investment companies. We are building a bridge between tradition and modernity, combining modern approach with traditional business values like honesty and trust. Our knowledge of investment industry and contacts in this field of business allow us to operate safely, and additionally our experience simplifies effective implementation of our actions.

Sales of companies and seeking investors

Our company specializes in establishing business relationships between potential buyers (both institutional entities and individuals) and entrepreneurs who want to sell their companies (small and medium-sized enterprises). We put emphasis on good relations between the contracting parties. We never burn bridges. We deal with partial and overall companies sale. We operate internationally but in the centre of our attention are emerging markets. Who do we represent? Both the investor and the entrepreneur. We help them from a very early stage, meaning the examination of condition of company, through valuation, negotiations and finally the transaction. We also provide legal assistance throughout the entire sales and purchase process. As a general rule, we do not deal with the promotion of start-ups.

Mergers and acquisitions

In addition to the basic investment process, our company specializes in the operations of mergers and acquisitions. We cooperate with top-notch professionals in legal, tax and financial industry. Our team always takes into account current and future interests of our clients when giving pieces of advice and conducting various processes. Our aim is to protect our clients’ interests in the long term, and also to carry them to the safe side of our investment bridge. In the context of mergers and acquisitions, we uniquely combine stability, legal and tax security with innovative but proven solutions, using legal rights in the EU and outside.


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What is our recipe for success? It’s not only a work system based on years of experience in negotiations, sales and acquisitions of companies, but it’s also a team of practitioners who constantly seek investors and our extensive business contacts. Only in the last 5 years, we have mediated transactions worth several hundred milion euros, we have negotiated on behalf of dozen of entities, we have met with hundreds of tenderers and investors. We ourselves have already sold our companies for the equivalent of several million euros. Now, we share our practice and contacts with our clients, acting by strictly standardized patterns. Throughtout the sales process, we take care of your company paying special attention to legal, negotiating, formal and administrative fields. This is how our system works:

Phase I: Preliminary evaluation

This is the simplest and shortest phase of the whole process. It usually lasts no longer than 10 days.First of all, we ask the entrepreneur who seeks investor, funding or potential buyer, to send data in the form of short description. It allows us to assess the industry and specificity of the company. This is also a moment when we assess the preliminary financial data. After this step, we assess the chances to sell the business. We respond to all e-mails, even if we do not see much potential in the project.

Phase 3: Due diligence

Pre-investment study of the company is the most important element of the whole process because terminal value depends on it. We conduct financial, legal, technological, business and tax analysis. Based on the results, we estimate the prognosis for the future of business, we calculate break even point rate which is a payback time, and we also perform a number of measurements which are necessary at testing stage of the company. Additionally, we check if the company operates according to international standards, and if its attractiveness is confirmed by an appropriate level of quality of the goods and services.

Phase 5: Company presentation, negotiations and preparation of transactions with potential investors

We assist in the preparation of documentation and presentation of the company. When organizing a meeting between investors and sellers, we pay special attention to the comfort of both sides. We care about proper relationships and what is more, we try to provide all the tools necessary for the transaction to go smoothly. As a company representative, we take care of its image. We negotiate the terms of sale and we also analyse the responses of investors. We mediate between the sides to make the communication clear throughout the process.

Phase 2: Interview and Signing a contract

During the meeting, we summarize our current activities and subsequently, we present the results of preliminary evaluation. What is more, we explain the procedure, we present the prognosis of the company, we demonstrate sales possibilities and we forecast future profits of potential investor. We answer all questions, and above all, we truly focus on the client. Our actions are honest and fair so the clients are able to fully realize the situation in which they are involved.
The final element of this phase is contract signing.

Phase 4: Search for potential investors

Thanks to our experience, know-how and extensive contacts, Millennium Bridge Investment has a portfolio of potential investors. Due to the nature of some industries, the portfolio is constantly expanding. Therefore, we gather information about investors and subsequently, we present them to sellers. We require a number of confidentiality obligations in order to send a company dossier to an investor. The final element of this phase is preparation of professional dossier.

Phase 6: Signing purchase agreement- finalization of the sale.

The final phase of the sale requires precision and attention due to the documentation and the contracts. The contracts require a detailed legal analysis. We prepare a letter of intent, we enable investors to carry out financial controls, we negotiate the content of notarial acts with lawyers of both sides, and we also supervise the preparation of notarial contracts. We believe that the success of the whole process is associated with signing the contracts by both sides. We also deal with post-trade arrangements, eg. a non-competition agreement.
Millennium Bridge Investment Limited 590 Kingstone Road, London SW20 8DN, United Kingdom Company number 9111181